Share Structures

Share Structures:

As an Optimal Aircraft Shares Owner, you purchase exactly the flight time you need - in increments of 25 hours / year.  In addition, you can increase the share at any time – or carry unused flight hours over from one year to the next.  OptAir is the flexible way to own an airplane.

Ownership Options

To allow OptAir owners to meet their financial goals, OptAir offers two ownership options:

  • Own the Aircraft – Most OptAir Owners elect to become true FAA-registered owners of the aircraft, just as they would in a conventional multiple-owner aircraft partnership. The flight hours purchased determines the size of the share you own.  Ownership can either be titled in your name or through a corporation or partnership.  Either way, you have the financial security of owning your share of an actual aircraft.

  • Lease the Aircraft – Owners may also choose a less-direct form of ownership under which the Owner leases an OptAir aircraft for a fixed number of hours per year.  Similar to ownership, a lease gives you the operational benefits of true ownership, but does not place your name on the aircraft registration.

OptAir sales consultants will work with you individually to help determine which form of ownership is right for you.

Fly Any Plane In The OptAir Fleet

Regardless of the ownership option you choose, the OptAir program provides each Owner with access to a fleet of identical aircraft based in their local area and across the country –thus reducing scheduling conflicts when planes are being flown by other Owners or in maintenance.  Through the fleet concept, OptAir provides availability approaching that of a single-owner aircraft.

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