Finally, its all about you!  We understand that you got your license in order to fly - not to spend time chasing squawks with a service center, updating the databases in the GPS and MFD or worrying about insurance, tiedowns and fuel bills.  We want you to enjoy the fantastic freedom that comes with owning and flying a state-of-the-art aircraft.  The OptAir program is designed to let you do exactly that and leave the busy work to us.

Owner Services

If you're planning a last minute flight or one that's months in advance, we know and understand that your schedule is important.  OptAir Owners can also schedule flights and manage their account online, 24 hours a day, or by calling our Owners Services representatives directly.

Your Owner Services team tracks all of your preferences and information using a web application specifically designed for the OptAir program.  Continual service training of our entire team ensures that we can meet your most exacting requirements, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Approximately 60% of our business comes from Owner referrals - a testament to the quality of the Owner Services team.


Aircraft:  Optimal Aircraft Shares insures each aircraft for its full replacement value.
Liability:  OptAir carries $1,000,000 liability coverage, with each OptAir Owner as a named insured.  The OptAir SR22 policy does not have a per-passenger coverage sub-limit - unlike most policies available for single or multiple owner aircraft which limit coverage to $100,000 per passenger.


Cost:  The Monthly Management fee includes the cost of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance - everything from the periodic oil change to the complete replacement of an engine.  OptAir takes the hassle and unpleasant financial surprises out of aircraft maintenance.
Standards:  In addition to required annual inspections, OptAir also performs 50 and 100 hour inspections on all aircraft - even though these are not required for FAR Part 91 operation.

Databases, Tiedowns, Wash and Wax . . .

The list goes on and on.  If you've owned an airplane before, you know what we mean.  If you haven't, ask someone who has.  Managing an aircraft as complex and sophisticated as the SR22 is a time consuming job.  With OptAir, we do it all.

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