Aircraft Overview

Aircraft Overview:

The Optimal Aircraft Shares program offers each Owner access to a fleet of identical, 21st century aircraft based in their local area and in major metropolitan markets across the country.  By concentrating on markets where we can base a fleet of identical planes, OptAir provides proven availability approaching that of a personal aircraft.

Optair aircraft are the finest single-engine airplanes available in the market today - the Cirrus Design SR22, winner of numerous Product of the Year awards and the industry's best selling model.  By incorporating the latest technology, these aircraft have redefined the utility and safety of personal aviation since they were introduced in 1999.

With 185kt cruise, 1000nm range and the most capable avionics suite in the industry, OptAir aircraft allow our Owners unprecedented opportunities to enhance their lifestyle.  As an OptAir Owner, you have the flexibility to visit the out islands of the Bahamas, enjoy Colonial Williamsburg with the family, or play golf at Pinehurst with business associates without the time, hassle, and inconvenience of commercial air travel.

The revolutionary safety features of OptAir's fleet, including exceptional low speed handling characteristics, the Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System, terrain avoidance and ice protection, provide a safety cushion not available in any other personal aircraft.


The Cirrus SR22.  For three years running, the Cirrus SR22 has been the world's best-selling single engine four-seat airplane.  Today, the SR22 defines the new Cirrus standard model.  Why?  We'd love to invite you to see for yourself by taking a ride in the new breed of airplane that has taken the aviation industry by storm.

We welcome the chance to let you introduce you to the experience owning your own Cirrus SR22.


Will there be a jet in the OptAir program?  Well, the easy answer is "Yes, there will be managed owner-flown jet aircraft in the OptAir Program."  The more difficult questions to answer are "When, which one, how much will it cost?"

At this point, several key manufacturers haven't finalized exact plans, specifications, and timelines; in addition, new product introductions in the aviation industry seldom unfold as planned.  This makes it difficult for us to commit to a specific timeline, when there will be a jet under our management.  We are looking forward to this opportunity!

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